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cat sitting Gosport Hampshire home care for cats in Fareham Hampshire
Cat Home Care & Cat Sitting Service Gosport Hampshire

cat sitting Gosport Hampshire home care for cats in Fareham Hampshire

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Care4Cats Home Care & Cat Sitting Gosport & Fareham, Hampshire

Welcome to Care4Cats - Care4cats has been successfully running now for many years in Gosport, Stubbington, Lee on Solent and surrounding areas.

A husband and wife team Ros and David Freeman started Care4cats on a very small scale, but over the years and working very hard to ensure that all their cat owners and their cats have been taken very well cared of and ensuring that they offer a professional, caring, and honest service - Care4cats has gone from strength to strength.

Some of you may be aware that initially Ros started the company as a result of working within her dog owners within her other company Bark2school - She found that owners who had dogs - also had cats -and were desperately trying to find somebody they could trust to care not only for their dog(s) but also their cat(s) and small animals.

This was a perfect opportunity for Ros & David not only to continue running Bark2school, but to also offer a great, honest cat sitting service - and Care4Cats was born!

cat sitting Gosport Fareham Hampshire

Here we have the very beautiful Lola
(permission given by Lola's owners, Susan and Alan).

You will see from the many past testimonials and the new ones that come on board on a regular basis - that the testimonials speak for themselves - and by reading these "true" testimonials, it will provide you with some comfort that your cat(s) will be taken great care of whilst you are on holiday.

We offer a free non-obligatory cat registration meeting to discuss you and your cats needs. We provide regular updates whilst you are away via email/what's app to provide that extra peace of mind.

If you need cat sitting in Gosport, Stubbington, Lee on Solent please do feel free to contact us for a chat.

The service I would provide for your cats:

cat sitting Gosport Fareham Hampshire

Being an owner and lover of three cats - I am very pleased to be able to offer my home care services and cat sitting service in Gosport, Fareham and surrounding areas in Hampshire for your cat or cats.

I am able to visit and care for your cats in the comfort of their own home and surroundings. I can help care for your cat or cats in an emergency or at very short notice. I am flexible and am able to offer a weekend service.

Another advantage of using my service is if you are at work and don't have the time to take your cat to the vet, I would be more than happy to undertake that visit for you. I will transport your cat or cats in a secure cat crate in my fully insured vehicle.

I am fully insured and police checked. Most of the local vets in Gosport & Fareham know me, and many use our Bark2School dog related services. I hold a current First Aid Certificate for animals. I am able to offer my cat home care and cat sitting service throughout Gosport, Lee on the Solent, Stubbington, Fareham and other local areas in Hampshire.


These reviews of my cat sitting service are all GENUINE and
any of these owners would be happy to provide a reference to new cat owners.


We have not long returned from our holiday and used CARE4CATS as usual. I would not know what I would do without our FANTASTIC ROS & DAVID they do an unbelievable service. They took care of our MR TIG Perfectly as usual spoiling him rotten with trips out in the sunshine grooming and a lot of love and affection.

I have used there services for some 5 odd years now and approximately 3 times a year on average and cannot fault a thing, with them caring for your cat-cats they get to know them inside out with any special needs you require plus any usual requirements. This time I had to text Ros to let her know we had been severely delayed but I stated MR TIG would be alright until we got back, but Ros would not have any of it and did another trip to see him even though she was feeling poorly, they go way above and beyond the call of duty. You will always receive updates during you holiday if required and some pictures too which is lovely to see if you are away knowing they are being cared for in the most professional way. I do not think you would get a higher standard of care and attention from anyone else’s cat services as they genuinely care.


You can look at all my previous reviews and I am quite happy for my email or phone number via ROS AND DAVID to be used should anyone want to ask me anything about their service.



"He was looked after with impeccable service as per normal, had photo up-date while we where away which we love as it's nice to see your cats enjoying there time with Ros and David while you are away it's a real comfort, as personally always feel a little guilty leaving him especially since we lost our other boy Trav.

I'm sure he is probably spoilt more than when we are actually at home bless, I have done numerous reviews now (and please look back at my older ones) I cannot express into words how fantastic Ros and David are at looking after your animals, they seem to be like a (horse whisperer)in the cat world if that is at all possible. They both get to know your pets needs and quirkiness from the start, I don't know how they do it but we are so very very grateful to have them in our lives and tig's Fantastic service every time. Ros bless her even took it upon herself to water my pots while I was away as it was so hot!!!!!! way and beyond the job description.

I always come home to a HAPPY CAT and my home is left spotless.

If there is one thing you can be certain of, you will not find the service you get from Ros and David (CARE4CATS) anywhere else guaranteed.

Thank you both sooooooo much as always."

[Ian Wendy & Tigs - July 2018]

"Just entrusted again care of our 2 fur bags to Ros and David. Honestly such a fantastic service yet again, they really go the extra mile.

Our old boy is now on meds and can't see too well so more of a worry for us but he was well looked after and given all his meds which is never an easy task . They both looked happy and relaxed in our return and there is a brilliant report with photos as always.

We also had had a lovely email and pics update when we arrived at our hotel and got the wifi hooked up and I knew they were both in safe hands which let us relax and enjoy our holiday You really can't do better for your fur babies than Care4Cats. Also your home is in safe hands while away We wouldn't use anyone else"

[Chrissa, Dougie and Barney - June 2018]

"Ros's cat-sitting service cares for both the cats and their owners. Regular updates and photos whilst you're away mean you can enjoy your holiday confident that your cats are happy and cared for. I've returned home to two relaxed and happy cats, and a house that has also been looked after in my absence. Ros also takes the time/trouble to leave a comprehensive report on everything that has happened whilst you're away. I'll certainly be using Care4cats again."

[Oct 2017]

"Ros provides the best service ever Our gang can stay in their own place while we get a break away and they are happy and healthy and brilliantly cared for I highly recommend Ros and her service you can't find better for your previous furs See you next time, love Barney Dougie and Lucky."

[Hugs Chrissa Andrewand gang - September 2017]

"Hi there,
Quick note to say hello and such a massive ty for looking after our Vince and our home. We are home safe and will of course write a testimonial. We're also more than happy for you to use any images etc. Thank so very much again; your support and professionalism has meant so much.

Thank you sooooo much as always. Love,"

[Claire and Will x - September 2017]

"Hello Ros and David,
Thank you very much for looking after Pickle and Biscuit. My Mother-In-Law used to care for the cats when we were away, we felt secure about the house and knew the cats would not want for anything (with the exception of going out!). Since we lost her just over 2 years ago things have not been the same and it has been very difficult to find someone to match my Mother-In-Law's attention and care. Now we have met you and you have looked after our two cats, we do feel assured that they are well cared for and we have a real sense of relief and security once more. The care you have provided in particular to our older cat, Pickle, who is elderly and has lost her vision, has been exceptional as her needs require her to to take medication. We also enjoyed catching up on our pets via email and a personal report provided on our return. We really appreciated this thoughtful touch. We would not hesitate to ask you to look after our cats again or indeed to recommended your cat sitting services to others. Many thanks again"

[Laney & Rob - July 2017]

"Dear Ros and David, We have just used care4cats service for the umpteenth time I have seriously lost count now. David took care of the boys mostly this time while Ros was recuperating after her operation.

Wow wow wow yet again the service is really OUTSTANDING if they where on TripAdvisor their score would be 5***** all the way. I could never fault any aspect of the service, we receive the photos while away and small up-dates letting us know all is well, it's so nice to see an odd picture of your cats, you can just go away and totally relax knowing they are in very good hands, even though both of mine seem to be total turncoats while we are away, I do not think they would even be bothered if we did not come home again as they definitely get the silver service treatment from David and Ros. David even hoovered upstairs as the pair of mine must have been having play fights and apparently there was a lot of fur, I think the only thing they have not done yet is provided a meal on our return (ha ha ha) and yes I am only joking. Ros did manage to come and see the boys a few times towards the end of our holidays as she was improving from her op, which I am sure the boys will have loved seeing their adoptive mum.

All I am going to say as I have done so many reviews now is:- THE SERVICE YOU GET FROM CARE4CATS IS LIKE THE ROLLS ROYCE OF CARS absolutely top of the range, you will not find anyone more professional, caring, trustworthy, and so understanding of your individual cats. I feel truly blessed that I found this service and I am sure all their other clients feel the same as we all do. Don't look any further for your cat sitting needs it all right here with their service, and I truly mean this.

Thank you sooooo much as always. Love,"

[Ian Wendy Tiggy and Trav xx ]

"Hi Ros,

Thank you so much again for such a wonderful service, came home again to an immaculate house and two happy cats. Thank you again from me."

[Alan , Mya and Lola xx - Feb 2017]

"Dear Ros and David

I find myself compelled to send you a massive thank you again for supporting the cats. How many times now??!!! We were really so appreciative that during the period we've been treating his lordship with twice daily medication, you not only took this in your stride as another easy task to deal with, returning home to find them in fine form, was fantastic.

You really do go out of your way to provide a completely and totally supportive care package - thanks so very much from M and B! You are also both a huge credit to the local area with this personal professional outstanding service you provide - all the extra you do for charity too in addition to your day job, is truly heroic!

Wishing you can bring byes success!"

[Amanda - Lee on Solent - January 2017]

"Thank you so much for caring for Lily & Mya, and also to your son Danny!

The house was immaculate on our return and the cats were happy and content, couldn't ask for more. Perfect. Thank you so much."

[Susan - October 2016]

"This is the 2nd time we have used Ros cat sitting service I wouldn't use anyone else

It's just brilliant you can go away leaving everything in Ros and her teams capable hands You get emails updating you and a lovely written report is waiting for you when you get home again to a lovely clean home. You can relax on holiday without worrying if they are unhappy in a cattery or if your neighbours or relatives are only doing it grudgingly for you as a favour.

Ros has your cats interests at heart with no detail left out before you leave and the security of your home is covered Our three boys were happy chilled out and healthy on return

See you next time Ros and thankyou Danny and Steph too."

[Chrissa, Stubbington. (Lucky Jo, Barney & Dougie) - Oct 2016]

"Hi Ros Not sure when you're back from hols? Hope you had/having a fab time. Just to say thanks a million also permission to put pic up and any words on your website which will help others decide on cattery or home services This s the 2nd year we have asked Ros and her team to care for our boys including our new rescue Dougie.

I trust Ros totally she is such a professional and considers every aspect of our cats welfare We had email update while away and a lovely report when we got back home Our boys were happy and healthy and relaxed when we returned Our house was so clean too, Ros even takes the rubbish and leftovers away. I have no hesitation in recommending Ros, you can relax on holiday knowing your precious furheads are in good safe caring hands

Hope that's useful for you will email photos for you of the boys separately Take care til we see you again."

[Chrissa Andrew Barney LJ and The Dougster - Sept 2016]

"So nice to go away and have peace of mind.

Ros has just looked after my boys (Trav & Tig) again, I have now lost count how many times she has done this for me.

As usual her standards and care are second to none, the up-date she sent us about the boys was quite funny while we where away and made us laugh, Ros has my two boys down to a (T) now. I had a picture of Tig just laying on the bed giving Ros a look as if to say ( I am not impressed mum and dad have left me, the next picture of him was (him sprawled out on the floor with him laying on his back waiting for his tummy rubs and a look saying O.K I forgive them that they have left me, but I am quite happy with my surrogate mum looking after me.

The picture of Trav was funny too with him rubbing his head and neck all over Ros as he can be more the shy one out of the two!!!!! Apparently Ros carried him around the house on her hip like a baby and this is on top of the silver service he expects from her they are such a pair of turncoats bless them but I wouldn't have it any other way. It is so lovely for us now to just sort dates with Ros and I do not have to go through anything with her (unless there are any changes from the last cat sit) and she knows there routine inside out and definitely knows exactly what they are both like. Please do take a look at all my previous reviews as there are quite a few but personally I speak as I find.


The care and attention your cats will get is the best, and they are far more happy being in there own homes, the up-dates while your away are a comfort too, but personally I do not worry about them being with lovely Ros looking after them, I am sure they are very spoilt while she is there. I always come home to everything tidy as I know Ros has very high standards with her care, attention to the boys and tidying up after them.

Thanks as always for looking after us ( T & T ) xx "

[Love from Ian & Wendy x]

This is the 2nd time we have used Ros cat sitting service I wouldn't use anyone else It's just brilliant you can go away leaving everything in Ros and her teams capable hands You get emails updating you and a lovely written report is waiting for you when you get home again to a lovely clean home. You can relax on holiday without worrying if they are unhappy in a cattery or if your neighbours or relatives are only doing it grudgingly for you as a favour.

Ros has your cats interests at heart with no detail left out before you leave and the security of your home is covered Our three boys were happy chilled out and healthy on return See you next time Ros and thankyou Danny and Steph too "

[Chrissa, Stubbington. (Lucky Jo, Barney & Dougie)- Oct 2016]

Thank you so much for caring for Lily & Mya, and also to your son Danny! The house was immaculate on our return and the cats were happy and content, couldn't ask for more. Perfect. Thank you so much "

[Susan - October 2016]

"This is the second time that we have used Care4Cats in the last 7 months and once again the service we received from Ros and David was to the highest possible standard. When we contacted Ros on the second occasion she still had all the information from the first time she looked after Fluffy so already knew her routine. We forgot to tell Ros that Fluffy's eating habits had changed a little from the first visit, so on our 1st day of our holiday in Greece Ros text us to say Fluffy had not eaten her food in the morning, that is the sort of service you receive from Ros and David

Fluffy, our cat is a long hair British so her hair is normally all over the floor, when we arrived home the floor had been hoovered, the litter tray had been cleaned and fresh food and water; and not to forget the detailed report that is waiting on what they had carried out and what Fluffy had got up to, great touch.

But the most important thing to us was, when we arrive home Fluffy was happy and stress free, that's because Care4Cats,Ros and David will care for your cat as if was their own.

I would highly recommend Care4Cats, and would urge anyone looking for a cat sitting service to contact Ros, who as we found out is a very genuine and very caring person, who will care for your cat the way you want, not the way she wants, that is the big difference that we found So once again a great big thank you. "

[from Shaun, Lorraine and Fluffy, Gosport - August 2016 ]

"Anyone who cherishes their pet like we do is naturally a little worried when you go away and have to place that pet in someone else's care. When we first met our cat (a full tom) you could not get close to him much less pick him up for a cuddle or even stroke him - if you looked at him he would hiss & make that special miaow we all know when a cat is cross.

Over the months he became our very special cat and now he is not just special he is very special full of affection and cuddles and a real joy to have around so imagine our worries when we thought about home care But ROS and CARE4CATS dispelled all that right from the word GO.

We have no hesitation in recommending ROS who was very attentive to detail and looked after our lovely cat by visiting him twice a day. Everything that written down was followed through in every detail and we received texts updates during our hols which was very reassuring. On our return in the evening ROS had been that same morning and left a full written report of each day with illustrations. It follows that our cat was cros with us for leaving him but he had been very well looked after indeed.

So its a big thank you ROS - you will be asked back again by all of us! Great service & a credit to pet care overall.

kindest regards "

[Roddy & Vanessa & Pinto JEBB - August 2016 ]

"Dear Ros, Thank you so so much once again for your amazing services and looking after Feely (and our home) so we could take a long overdue holiday. I have come home to one very happy and content cat! You have gone the extra mile (as always) by watering my plants and putting my bins out and I am extremely grateful.

I go away totally relaxed and at ease knowing that you are there taking care of Feely. You can see you adore animals and you treat Feely like one of your own and I love that. I have lost count of the number of times we have called on you to look after Feely (some even at short notice) and nothing is ever too much trouble for you.

I love the emails with pictures and updates you send me while I'm away to let me know how he is getting on while we are gone. I would(and do!)rave about you and your pet sitting services to anyone that will listen!

You are invaluable to us. We all know how hard it is to find someone we trust to look after our furbabys (as well as we do) but now we have found you we would never use anybody else.

Thanks for everything "

[Steph and Adam xx - July 2016 ]

"Just had Ros look after my two boys again Tiggy and Trav. I have lost count of the amount of times I have used her service now over the last three and a half years. I would definitely not like anybody else to look after my boys, I have been happy from day one with care4cats service, it's always first class. When I go away which is normally 3 times a year at least, I know both the boys are in very safe hands with Ros, she is affectionate, kind, caring and helpful in every way possible and the boys are treated exceptionally, (especially Trav as he has very high expectations of standards of service) if his tea and treats could be brought to him and fed by Ros with a spoon he would love it bless him, where as Tiggy he tends to just like making mess with the litter tray which obviously encounters a lot of cleaning up for poor Ros. But as always Ros takes everything in her stride as I am sure all the animals in her care have quirky ways, and she just gets use to it all and just gets on with things.

I never have to explain anything anymore to Ros re: the boys she knows their routine inside out as she is like their surrogate mum when we are away, and I just leave my front door key with her permanently and have done for the last 3 years. All I would honestly say is:-


Take this from someone who knows as soon as you meet Ros you will see for yourselves why.

Thanks a million Ros as always. "

[Ian Wendy Trav & Tiggy xx - July 2016 ]

"This was the first time we had used a cat sitter and we were initially very cautious but our first meeting with Ros immediately filled us with confidence.

One of our cats takes medication and we have a difficult feeding routine and to top it off we also asked her to look after our parrott, all of this Ros took in her stride. Whilst we were away Ros and Danny sent regular text updates which really put our minds at ease and on our return we had a diary of their day to day activities with photos, this was brilliant and more than we ever expected.

If you are looking for a cat sitter and have any doubts, we cannot recommend Ros & Danny (Care4Cats) highly enough and would not hesitate to use them again and hope to in the future.

Many thanks again Ros for your kindness and patience. "

[Sonia, Richard and the Boys, Gosport - June 2016 ]

"Dear Ros, Thank you so much for caring for the boys whilst we were away. Our first time using a cat sitter and it was a very successful and reassuring experience. We loved the little diary about their doings whilst we were absent, but we've still not found Diesel's secret hiding place! Only problem is, they now expect treats all the time!!

It was great, also, that we didn't need to worry about the fish either - we've got baby guppies now, so expect you to be godmother! I'll be sure to recommend you to anyone else needing the service, and will be in touch soon regarding further trips. "

[Alison & Philip (and Felix n Diesel), June 2016 ]

" We used Ros for the first time as all the family were going away for the weekend. It turned out to be event full for Toc our cat and showed how much Ros cares for the well-being of the cats she's caring for. Toc was very welcoming when Ros came round sat on the table whilst she was completing registration and allowed her to smooth him all seemed well. On the first visit Ros said he was affectionate and welcoming although when she came again in the morning he was nowhere to be found even though she had left him in and he couldn't get out. Ros contacted us immediately for any hiding place she went beyond her role by coming back several times that day to see if he was around. He had food and water and litter tray so we weren't worried about him but it shows how dedicated Ros is. On our return we found a full report of the weekend Toc hadn't appeared but had eaten food used litter tray Ros had cleared any mess and the house was clean and welcoming, We would recommend her services and have booked her again. "

[Andrea & Daryl Gosport - May 2016 ]

" Ros and David visited our cats twice a day for 10 days and were very reliable and thorough. With two cats, one rather greedy, we especially appreciated the care they took to making sure both cats got their share of the food, as well as lots of cuddles. It was also a bonus to know someone was coming in regularly to check the house. Thank you very much!

Best wishes "

[Maureen & Dick - Fareham - May 2016 ]

"We have just returned from a 10 day holiday and left our two cats in the care of Ros at Cats4Care. This was our first time using a cat sitter and was immediately put at ease when we met Ros in advance who was clearly a very experienced animal lover. Our two bengals, generally cautious, took to her right away as did we with Ros's professional and friendly manner.

Whilst on holiday Ros kept us regularly updated on how they were; including photographs which was an unexpected and lovely touch. On returning home the house was immaculate, fresh clean litter trays , full water and food bowls and most of all two very happy, unstressed kitties!

We will use Ros regularly now as we usually go away a few times a year and cannot recommended her and her staff highly enough, we are so happy with the service ! Thank you so much Ros!" "

[Alan and Susan Butler, Gosport - May 2016 ]

" I would recommend Care4Cats to any cat owner. Ros was able to organise care for my cat (and fish) while we went away for 4 days. Whilst away she sent updates and photos to let me know all was well at home. This included a beautiful detailed diary (including photos) on our return, to which included my cats activities when Ros visited our house. Ros provided a brilliant service and I will definitely be using her to look after Zippy again.

I would just like to add again - many thanks for looking after Zippy.

Kind regards, "

[Ali, Gosport - April 2016 ]

" I have just used Ros's Care 4 Cats service again I am not sure how many times I have used her services now but it's a lot. As always and in my previous reviews (which I would recommend you read as I do not want to keep repeating myself)

I am amazed how Ros knows my two cats inside out, probably as much as I do, with all there funny little ways and boy they do have a lot of funny little ways. Ros is like my cats surrogate mum, when we are away, and I cannot tell you enough how comforting it is to go away and know your cats are in very safe and capable hands. Ros will always send us a up-date during our holiday and a couple of pictures to go with it to, which is so nice. There is always a report left out for you upon your return on how they have been while your away, and to me this just shows the time and commitment Ros will give to caring for your cats and she also treats your cats as if the are her own. This time although her visits had finished on the tea time of our return Ros even popped back in at 9 p.m to check on them again, now that is over and beyond the call of duty.

I cannot express enough what a kind, caring and helpful lady Ros is nothing is to much trouble, she leaves your home all lovely and tidy for your return which is so nice when you set foot back indoors after a long journey. I would urge you to contact Ros if you are considering using a cat sitting service, you will warm to her straight away and you will not be disappointed in the slightest and she will go through all her services and make notes regarding the care that your cats needs, regarding feeding times/ grooming etc. And confirm all this with you before you go away.

All I can say now is, A HUGE THANK YOU especially from the boys. "

[Ian Wendy (Tiggy and Trav) X - April 2016 ]

" Wow the service we received from Ros!

We did not want to put our cat into a cattery as we had only got her from the Blue Cross a few months ago and she is still very nervous. So the alternative was to find a cat sitting service so our cat could be looked after in her home surroundings, but felt anxious about leaving Fluffy in the hands of someone else. After a search on the internet for cat sitters we were drawn to Care4Cats because of the professional website and our first impressions were that care4cats would genuinely care for your pet. So we contacted Ros from care4cats, and arranged a home so that she could meet our cat and to find out our requirements, from that initial meeting the impressions we had got from the website proved to be accurate, Ros is a trustworthy professional, caring, and genuine person that we felt confident that our cat would be very well looked after. Wow! The service we received form Ros (careforcats) was outstanding from start to finish. What impressed us most host of small things that she would carry out, things that we did not even think of, which were also carried out to the highest standard. If you are looking for a cat-sitter and want someone with a genuine love for animals, someone to care for your cat as you would yourself then I would highly recommend Ros (care4cats) for the service you will receive will be to the highest standard from start to finish guaranteed. A nice touch is that we got a (school report) a daily report on what Roz and your cat does on that day

When you find the qualities in Ros (care4cats) then there is no reason to look any further because I believe that we have already found the 1st class services that we require. Many thanks for a great service that you provided "

[Shaun, Lorraine and Fluffy - Gosport. March 2016 ]

"I was nervous about leaving my cats with a stranger having always left them with friends & family before, as soon as I met Ros she filled me confidence being a true animal lover and with lots of experience I was able to put my trust in her. I came home to 2 content happy cats and a home as I left it, clean & tidy. Updates were sent to me whilst I was away along with pictures which also helped me to feel confident they were being well looked after. A full report was left for me upon return with daily updates & pictures. I cannot thank Ros enough for her professionalism & looking after my cats with true care. I would have no doubts in using Care4Cats again in the future. "

[ Gabby M. - Fareham. March 2016 ]

"Hi Ros,

I hope you had a lovely Christmas. We got back a little early and as always Mia looks very happy. Thank you for our card and Mia loves her present! Please pass on our thanks to Janice for her care and attention.

Happy New Year to you both. "

[ Georgina - Stubbington - December 2015 ]

"I found Care4Cats via a google search and called Ros. I felt an instant connection and it was clear she genuinely cared. We arranged to meet and my initial judgement was confirmed. Whilst away, knowing Ros was taking care of my cats, I could properly relax and I had a wonderful time away. She did not disturb me at all but equally was quick to respond and send me photos when I checked in. On return, Ros had written a daily report including photos and captions which was wonderful.

I cannot recommend her enough. She has thought about the small details, she watered my plants, drew my curtains and generally maintained my home as well as cared for my two cats.

I have struggled to write this only because I can't seem to find the words to express how wonderful Ros is and how grateful I feel. I feel truly blessed to have met her and will not hesitate to use her services again.

Also, perhaps the most important point. My two cats were healthy and happy on my return so they must have loved Ros too.

Kind Regards "

[ Tracy - Gosport - November 2015 ]

"Ros took excellent care of my rescued cat, Rosie for the second time. I came back to Ros because I know that no one else will match up to the kind and loving care and attention she gives Rosie. Her service is of a high professional standard with an added caring touch from someone who truly loves animals. Thank you Ros. "

[ Sian Eckersley - Lee on The Solent - November 2015 ]

"We were looking for an alternative to a cattery for a holiday as our 3 cats really didn't enjoy their last experience away from their home.

I found Ros' site on Google and was impressed by how professional it appeared and the level of detail. The reality exceeded my initial good impressions. We emailed back and forth and set up a meeting.

Ros is very thorough and professional with arrangements and I had no qualms about allowing her and her co worker, Janice, to take care of our three boys. Dropping off keys was easy and we went off without any worries about their welfare or security of our home. While away we had poor internet access but when we did log on there was a great reassuring update from Ros sat in the inbox.

On return there was a fabulous daily report and and photos, bit like a school report for naughty kitties! We would whole heatedly recommend Ros and Janice to anyone who needs their cats cared for. We can't envisage using any other service in the future it was totally fab and brillant value for money. "

[ Chrissa, Lucky Jo, Barney & Oliver - Hill Head - October 2015 ]

"As usual I have just used Ros's care4cats service again. I have done numerous reviews in the past so please take a look at them.

Ros cares for your cats as if they are her own, with regular up-dates while your away which is lovely for peace of mind. My two boys (Tiggy & Trav) are so used to her now as we use her service quite a lot.

I guarantee you will not find a service as good as hers, you are always welcome to contact Ros and she will give you my contact details so you can ask me anything re: her service. I have had to call her before now with an emergency cat sitting that was needed, and it was no problem whatsoever for her to take care of the boys. I leave my key with her permanently as I trust her implicitly.

It's so nice I am able to leave my boys in their own home without the stress of them going to a cattery, I have only done this once before and never again, they were so stressed out when we got them home it was awful. Once you contact Ros she will come and see you and talk through your individual cats needs and I guarantee you will warm to her straight away. I like to give good reviews for fantastic service hence all my previous reviews.

Thanks as always Ros. "

[ Ian Wendy Tiggy and Trav - October 2015 ]

"This is the third time Ros has cared for my cats over the last year and continues with great professionalism and care.

This particular holiday Ros was tested to the limit by my year old scatty and divaish kittens who decided that they were going to go missing, Pickles seen a few times, Minx disappeared completely,

Ros kept in contact with me constantly to keep me updated of any sightings, the fact that a stray cat had made itself at home, was there anywhere she could be hiding etc. and acted on all my recommendations.

Ros then went above and beyond by producing posters and delivered them to all of my estate and on lampposts and asked all my immediate neighbours to keep a look out and rang round all the vets twice. She also came to the house at 12am and 5am on a few occasions to try and spot them when they were not expecting her.

Eventually my neighbour spotted her but I know Ros was still worried about her, when I returned home all the cats were in as though nothing had happened!!!

I would like to give my heartfelt thanks to Ros and her staff for all the extra time and work they put in to try and find Minx and hope that it has not put them off for next year as I would be hard pressed to find someone as dedicated.

Bo, my well behaved adult cat, would also like to say thanks for all the cuddles and attention and that she thoroughly enjoyed her 2 weeks of fuss without the kittens. "

[ Jackie Bryson - Gosport - August 2015 ]

"I am so pleased to have found Care4Cats, I have just had Ros & Janice for a 2nd time looking after my cat Tilly. I now do not worry about her whilst I'm away,I know she is being loved & well looked after. I would especially like to thank Janice for her visits & it seems that Tilly is happy to see her too. It's so nice to return home & Tilly is happy & relaxed. A big thank you to you both."

[ Kim, Peter & Tilly Crawley - July 2014 ]

"I have recently returned from a month's holiday and left my three cats, Polly, Molly and Maisie in the care of Ros. I was uncertain how this would work out as I have never left the cats before. I had no need to worry, the professional and caring service, that Ros provides, is exceptional. Updates on how the cats, were with photographs, were a wonderful way of putting my mind at ease. I cannot praise her enough for all the care she gave and the kindness she showed. The letter, which was waiting for me when I returned home, was an added bonus on how the cats had been during my holiday. I would not hesitate to recommend Ros and Care4Cats and hope to use them many times from now on."

[ Pauline - Fareham - July 2015 ]

"I contacted Ros when I needed to visit my parents in a hurry. She quickly arranged to visit me to meet our old cat and find out what our needs would be. I was concerned at having to leave Sugar for a few days but Ros quickly put my mind at rest. We left Sugar knowing that Ros would be visiting her regularly. She emailed or texted me daily while we were away (even including a photograph which I thought was sweet of her) which enabled me to enjoy our trip and although I missed her, I knew Sugar was in capable hands!

I would recommend Ros to anyone who was reluctant to use a cattery and was thinking of using the services of a cat sitter."

[ Marilyn Baker - Gosport - July 2015 ]


I used as per normal Ros to care for my two cats for four days while I was away recently. I have used her service many times now and cannot recommend her enough, as you will see from all my previous reviews. (Please take a look at her testimonials)

Ros even stepped in at the last minute for me recently, I had only been home for less than 24 hours, and I had the sad news my step-father had passed away & with my mother living in Devon I obviously had to go and see her straight away. I called Ros to see if she could care for my boys ( Tig and Trav) and bless her she said, not a problem.

I was not sure how long I was going to be away and she even said, "don't worry if there is not enough food for them I know what they like and I will always go and get some extra food if they run out" she was an absolute life saver. (Who else would deliver this wonderful service)

All I can say is one HUGE THANK-YOU to Ros. I cannot tell you what a relief I felt knowing my boys were being cared for, if it was not for her I do not know what I would have done.


Thank you Ros"

[ (TIG/TRAV) and of course us too. June/July 2015 ]

A reply from Ros - "Thank you so much Wendy & Ian for my gorgeous plant and card with such lovely words. You shouldn't have done that - I was only doing my job - and as you know I love caring for Tig and Trav. Hope things are improving. Fondest wishes Ros"

"Ros and David were recommended to me and I was impressed from the very first meeting with their professional approach to caring for my two puss-cats. They both take great care to ensure they know everything prior to the holiday to ensure a high standard of care. Both my puss-cats were very happy, content and relaxed on my return from a fortnight away. Ros and David had looked after them extremely well, taking time to play with them and groom as well as keep everything clean, tidy and organised. The email reports and pictures whilst I was away, and the fabulous ‘end-of-holiday' report on my return, were a great reassurance that all was well back home. Highly recommended and I will be asking Care4Cats to come again. Thank you!"

[ Nicky - Lee-On-The-Solent - June 2015 ]

"Ros has been caring for our two house cats, Holly and Sparkle, and our 40 year old tortoise Henrietta for over two years now, whenever we are on holiday. Ros is reliable and trustworthy, and it is wonderful to know that our much loved pets are in such caring and capable hands whilst we are away. I can honestly say that I do not have to worry at all about them when I know that Ros is looking after them. She always takes time to play with the cats and give them some attention, and we always look forward to the welcome home letter telling us how they have been.

I cannot recommend Care for Cats enough!"

[ Sam - Gosport - May 2015 ]

"During a recent 2 week holiday, Ros very kindly agreed to take care of 3 year old Sooty again. She is so caring and treats Sooty as though she was her own. One day she arrived to find Sooty with a problem eye, so bathed it and then popped in twice more that day to check on her. By the time I got back Sooty was fit and well and her usual mischievous self. She was also better groomed than when I'm at home! Nothing is too much trouble for Ros. My fence blew down in high winds and she even popped next door to make sure my neighbour was aware. Good job, as he doesn't open his back blinds so hadn't realised!

I know when I'm away I don't need to worry about Sooty and I love reading the little stories Ros leaves for me when I get home - even when Sooty has been naughty!. I've already booked Ros for later in the year and wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services. She is a true professional.

Many, many thanks"

[ Nicky & Sooty, Hill Head - May 2015 ]

"Finding Ros was a blessing! When we had to take an extended holiday in December 2014 & January 2015, Ros and her husband watched our 2-year-old cat, Bella. I was very anxious leaving Bella for such a long time but meeting Ros immediately calmed my nerves. While we were away, Ros kept me updated about how Bella was doing and provided a very thorough report at the end of the trip. Bella really seemed to enjoy having Ros and her husband as company and the house was very tidy upon arriving home! Bella did not even seem to miss us! We definitely felt comfortable leaving Bella in the care of Ros and we know Bella was treated like the princess she thinks she is! Thank you so much for providing such wonderful care and making sure Bella was well loved while we were away! Words cannot explain how grateful we are for Ros and Care4Cats!! Thanks again,"

[ Blaine, Warren, & Bella - Gosport - April 2015 ]

"Dear Ros, We all felt happy that we were able to have you take care of our cat Fizz whilst we were away on holiday. I felt that you genuinely were fond of animals and keen to put their needs first and reassure us in the process. Obviously giving someone access to your home requires trust and we felt confident that our house was kept secure whilst we were away and had no reservations about you being in our home. Fizz is a slightly anxious cat who does not like being in a cattery at all and prefers to be in her own familiar environment. She also has a slightly complex feeding plan which you successfully delivered without any hesitation. The children and I appreciated you keeping us updated via e-mail and the photos were a nice gesture as was your diary summary that you had made for us on our return. We would not hesitate to use your services in the future. So once again many thanks for taking great care of Fizz for us. "

[ Nicky Moya - Stubbington - April 2015 ]

"Ros Freeman and ‘Care 4 Cats' having been looking after our two cats ever since we moved to Alverstoke. We love our two cats and want to feel comfortable and guilt free when we go away, knowing that they are happy and cared for (we don't like the idea of putting them in a Cat's home - some of which seem very impersonal). So Ros comes over when we go away and we know that the cats are happy in their own environment with some fresh food, love and attention every day J. Ros is very reliable and goes beyond just putting food down. Our house is always clean and tidy when we come home and Ros also takes the trouble of writing a little report - with the odd photo, for when we come home. We recommend her. Cheers Ros, "

[ Paula & Alex x - March 2015 ]

"Have not long returned from a holiday while Ros looked after the boys again!!!!!! ( Tiggy & Trav)

Ros has done a fantastic job as always, the boys seemed to think she is their second owner by now ha ha and not that we would mind that in the slightest as Ros looks after them as if they were her own and in a very professional way. She spoils them rotten as Trav always thinks Ros is his personal servant expecting everything to be delivered on a silver plate ( won't be long before he will want to be spoon fed by her to ). Tiggy on the other hand likes to come and say hello to Ros for a good old stroke and fuss, but he is the super messy one with the litter tray and is not improving with age either, but Ros does not mind as always takes everything in her stride, bless her. Ros always sends a couple of pictures of the boys while we are away and little updates which is always comforting while we are away to know that all is well back home.

I also know should we ever get delayed on a holiday I could always contact her and she will carry on looking after the boys until we get back which is another comforting thought as it doesn't matter how good you plan things little hiccups can happen with flights etc. Ros always keeps my house keys permanently, and have already booked another 3 holiday bookings of which one is next year with her.

If you want a fantastic professional cat sitting service then please do not worry at all, Ros I think is the best, she will visit you in your home before you make up your mind, but I guarantee you will warm to her straight away as she is such a lovely lady, Ros will find out about your individual cat needs and any quirkiness they may have. I am always happy to speak with anybody if they would like to talk about Ros and her service from a clients point of view, I have done this previously as a lady contacted Ros asking would I speak with her or email any questions she may have had. I answered all the lady's queries/worries as she was leaving her cat for 6 weeks and was concerned about leaving her cat for so long and considering a cattery, but as I have said previously in other reviews it's much nicer for your cats to be left in their own home rather than ending up in a cattery with no familiar surrounds, and I know she booked Ros instead of using a cattery.

So if you do want any questions answered then contact Ros and she can always give me your email address/phone number and I will give my honest opinion on any questions you may have. Many thanks Ros as always."

[From us both and the Boys - 13th March 2015 ]

"A big thank you from Rosemary King - Gosport.
It was so nice to meet Ros and to have her to look after my cats - Gemini and Gizmo over the Christmas period. I would recommend her services to all, and use her firm again for sure. A very proffesional and well presented lady, who listened to all my cats 'quirky' little habits and then followed through on them. Everything was recorded and I was sent a text to let me know they were fine, and Ros provided a bag of cat treats for their Christmas presents, which was such a kind gesture It felt completely safe to go away and leave my 'treasures' in her care."

[ Rosemary King, Gosport - January 2015 ]

"Thank you for looking after Tilly while I was away. I felt completely at ease and confident leaving her in your experienced hands, and upon my return was pleased to find Tilly happy and well looked after. I thought an added touch was the photos you sent and written overview of each day. I would recommend Care4Cats to anyone and will be using your cat sitting services for any future cat sitting. Thank you."

[ Justine & Tilly - Gosport December 2014 ]

"We were recommended Care 4 Cats by a friend who had used them and been very happy, so we contacted Ros and David to ask them about their services. They arranged to pop round to meet us and Laurie (aka Lolli) to discuss our requirements and their service. Lolli sat on the fish aquarium throughout the meeting scrutinising them….

Having dropped off the keys with Ros, we left our home for 2 weeks R&R and trusting Ros and David to look after Lolli (and also feed the fish in the aquarium). During our 2 weeks away we received several reassuring emails from Ros and David providing us with little updates about Lolli, along with photographs and even a short video of Lolli being very affectionate to Ros to remind us (as if we could forget) how we had left our Lolli home alone but in good hands. Best of all we were reassured Lolli was safe in his own home, rather than being cooped up in a small (and possibly, in November, cold) cattery cage and he was being well looked after.

On our return home we were welcomed by Lolli who had obviously been well looked after and dare we say even spoilt. We were also left with a multipage report on Lolli detailing any problems (he had brought up some bile one day having no doubt munched on a house plant). The house was clean and tidy and everything was totally in order.

On the basis of this experience, we would happily recommend Care 4 Cats and we will certainly be using Ros and David again in the future. "

[ Richard, Julie & Lolli - November 2014 ]

"Ros and David were extremely thorough in their preliminary preparations in the period leading up to our departure. We had 2 cats to be looked after and one of them, Tom, who only had 3 legs, was in a delicate state. Soon after our departure it became apparent to Ros and David that he needed urgent medical attention. They immediately contacted our daughter, as we had arranged and put an emergency plan into operation. In the meantime they continued to look after our other cat, Ella, feeding her and giving her lots of love and attention. On our return we found a thorough report complete with photographs. We would have no hesitation in recommending Ros and David and would have every confidence in using Care4Cats on a future occasion. Best wishes. "

[ Pat and David, Alverstoke - November 2014 ]

"I have just returned home to find my cat happy, healthy and perfectly chilled out. I used Ros and David's excellent service for the first time and would have absolutely no hesitation in using Care4Cats again ( in fact have already booked them). My cat was not simply fed and watered - she was CARED for - with cuddles and time given to her to help alleviate any possible anxiety.

Ros sent me several e-mails and pics of Milly and it was lovely to read the report on my return of Milly's daily activities and to find everything so clean and tidy. I even contacted Ros while I was away to see if she could extend the care for an extra five days and this was no problem - allowing me to spend a few more days with my family. All in all - if you want to leave your precious pet in safe and caring hands, then Care4Cats is (in my opinion) your very best option. "

[ Heather Ansell, Fareham - November 2014 ]

"Well I've just had Ros look after my two boys TRAV & TIGGY once again. I have used Ros's cat sitting service numerous times now. I always return home from my holidays with both the boys happy & healthy, they obviously look forward to her two visits per day even though one of them likes the (silver service treatment) she copes so well with them and their different personalities. It just takes a few hours on our return for them to forgive us for leaving them. One thinks he's Lord muck and the other just takes things in his stride but does bolt his food which sadly ends up with him being sick, but nothing fazes Ros she just gets on with things as obviously all cats/ dogs have their little ways. She always up-dates us during our holidays which is nice for us to check they are both well. She even stayed a little longer on her visits this time as we were away quite awhile (way above the call of duty) I do not know any other person that would be soooo kind in their work and do this off their own back a truly caring genuine person WHAT MORE COULD YOU ASK !!!!!!!

I leave my key with her on a permanent basis and I trust Ros 100%. Goodness knows what I would do without her service when I am away there is nobody I know that is so kind hearted even though this is her job, think she deserves a medal personally, especially looking after my two boys. Can never thank her enough. The boys look forward to your next visit in the spring (while mum & dad are away). THANK-YOU ROS "

[ love Trav and Tiggy - October 2014 ]

"Ros and David have been looking after our two spoilt cats, Lily and Sam for two years. Lily, a small elderly, moody Siamese and Sam, a very large mischievous and demanding Bengal with the most enormous appetite and concern at all times where his next mouth of food is coming from. The two have been spoilt and therefore are very needy and it has been difficult in the past to leave them to go on holiday as we have been worried who could take care of them. When we did go away we would come back to ripped thread torn carpets and broken ornaments as the cats took out their frustration of being left .

We found Ros and David on the Internet and they came to our home to meet our cats, who took an instant liking to them. We asked Ros and David if they would come to the house twice a day and to stay and play with them a while. Nothing was too much trouble, even administering pills to Lily through mixing it in her food, as she was being awkward swallowing the pills.

Ros and David have a very special caring nature with animals and on each occasion we have come home to our cats who no longer seem to miss us. You could not find anyone better to take care of your pet and you are welcome to contact us should you have any questions. "

[ Jenny and John Keedy - Fareham - October 2014 ]

"Thank you very much to David for taking care of Cleo whilst we were away for a few days when we arrived home we found her in the back garden sunning herself and looking very contented. We were a little worried about leaving her but obviously needn't have been. "

[ Chris, Mark and Co - Gosport - October 2014 ]

"I just wanted to write and thank you for looking after Buffy so well and for looking after our house. Buffy was pleased to see us when we got home. After she had finished telling us off for leaving her, she had a quick cuddle and then asked to go out, so she could survey her garden. She has settled back into her normal routine very quickly, which means she was OK and not stressed while we were away. Thank you also for the email updates and photo, which put my mind at rest (you can't help worrying about them when you're away). I would happily recommend you, as I have been very pleased with the service you have provided, looking after Buffy and would be happy to use you again. "

[ Nicola & Buffy - Lee on Solent - September 2014 ]

"Thank you for looking after Tequila so well. She was obviously very happy and settled when we returned, which hasn't always been the case in the past. You can tell when she's had some good attention, as she purrs a lot and shakes her tail, as opposed to running round the house wailing 'Where are you?'! The house and Tequila's areas were all very clean and tidy - much better than usual! We felt very secure in the knowledge that you were looking after her while we were away, as you obviously have a very practical and caring approach as well as lots of good experience and qualifications. Many thanks again - and already booked you for October visit. Best wishes, "

[ Sue & Tequila - Alverstoke - September 2014 ]

"Ros took excellent care of Rosie, who is my 10 year old nervous rescued cat. Ros has a very professional service of a high standard. Her care and attention for Rosie was excellent and I had nothing to fault. I returned from holiday to find Rosie relaxed, happy and well cared for. This is truly a quality service from someone who is dedicated to animals. Thank you Ros."

[ Sian - Lee on Solent - September 2014 ]

"Thank you so much Ros and Janice for your excellent service whilst looking after Bo and Misty for 2 weeks recently. They were happy and contented on my return and didn't give me the usual cold shoulder. For customers with older cats, this is a fantastic company to use if you are worried about leaving them. Misty has a couple of ulcerated tumours and they cleaned them up everyday and kept an extra close eye on her. The house was spotless when I returned and I received a daily log of what the cats had been up to. I cannot recommend Care 4 Cats highly enough, the girls adore animals and treat them as they are their own pets. I will certainly use them again for my next holiday."

[ Jackie - Gosport - 20/7/14 ]

"We have just returned from a week's holiday and Ros looked after our very frail 21 year old cat Sherry. I was so impressed with the care she gave to Sherry, I could not have left her in better hands.

From the moment Ros did the first home visit to register the details we felt completely comfortable to know she would be looking after our “little old lady”

I found Ros by looking on a local web site and after reading the testimonials I contacted her. She certainly met and surpassed all our requirements, the care and time she gave to Sherry was amazing and whilst we were away she sent regular emails and photos and on our return a very detailed daily report.

I would highly recommend Care4Cats to any person who is anxious about leaving a loved pet. We will certainly be using her service again safe in the knowledge that Sherry will be happy and content on our return."

[ Brian and Barbara - Gosport - June 2014 ]

"Hi Ros, Just a quick email to let you know I'm home and to thank you very much for looking after Sooty and the garden so well. I loved the update and photos!

I will definitely get in touch next time I go away, as you provide such a professional, efficient and caring service. With Best Wishes,"

[ Nicky & Sooty - June 2014 ]

"Once again Brilliant Service! Cannot thank Ros enough for going above & beyond the call of duty with Casper to ensure he was safe even if it meant coming back late at night or very early in the morning. As he would keep disappearing because he is still very timid as this was his first week without us. It helps so much just knowing that Ros was there looking out for them. Ozzy, Bailey & Casper were very happy and content when we returned from our holiday although we did get a good verbal telling off from Casper lol .So once again I would highly recommend Ros to anyone who is thinking of leaving their pets in their own home when they go away. I have being using her services for over a year now for long weekends & weeks away and I am very pleased with care and attention she offers, thank you again Ros."

[ Cheryl Gosport - June 2014 ]

"We have just returned from a week's holiday and Ros looked after our very frail 21 year old cat Sherry. I was so impressed with the care she gave to Sherry, I could not have left her in better hands. From the moment Ros did the first home visit to register the details we felt completely comfortable to know she would be looking after our “little old lady”

I found Ros by looking on a local web site and after reading the testimonials I contacted her. She certainly met and surpassed all our requirements, the care and time she gave to Sherry was amazing and whilst we were away she sent regular emails and photos and on our return a very detailed daily report.

I would highly recommend Care4Cats to any person who is anxious about leaving a loved pet. We will certainly be using her service again safe in the knowledge that Sherry will be happy and content on our return."

[ Brian and Barbara - Gosport - June 2014 ]

"A HUGE thank you to Ros for looking after Felix for us while we have been on a weeks holiday.

As we all know our pets are a concern for us when we have to leave them but I have called on Ros and her services quite a few times now and I go away totally relaxed and safe in the knowledge that Felix will be loved and cared for to the highest possible standard. Ros always goes that extra mile and loves your pets as if they were her own.

I can not praise Ros highly enough for the care she provides for Felix and I have no hesitation recommending her to anyone. Thanks again for everything!"

[ Steph and Adam x - Gosport - June 2014 ]

"I have just used Ros from care4cats again to look after my boys Tiggy & Travis. This is my fourth time of using her service and will be using Ros again later this year and cannot recommend her highly enough.

Both my cats have totally different personalities, one will come down and say hello the other I believe treated Ros as his servant this time round, she would have to go up to our bedroom and find him ( in his usual place snoozing on the bed) to give him his cuddles and T.L.C he can be rather lazy at times and thinks he rules the household so I'm guessing as he's got to know Ros now he'll treat her in the same way. As I've mention before in earlier reviews of Ros's service you'll not find anyone more caring,trustworthy and reliable for your cats, what ever needs your cat has Ros will try and do all what is needed for you and them, she gives a fantastic service all round from the care of the cats to tidying up after them. I leave a front door key with her permanently now as I often use her services 4/5 times per year and trust her totally, if that's not trusting I do not know what is. Ros also sent us general updates and pictures of the boys while we were away.

I would urge you to meet with Ros if your considering care for your cats you will not be disappointed. Thanks as always"

[ Wendy Tiggy and Trav - Gosport - June 2014 ]

"Following on from a neighbour letting me down, I went in search for a company to look after my cats whilst I was away...

The two cats had never been left alone in their six years life, additionally had never visited a cattery as friends had always stopped over whenever I was previously on holiday, so it was with great fear and trepidation I ventured to search for a true professional to support me whilst on leave this month.

Luckily through surfing the web locally, I found Ros, a thoroughly professional, experienced and caring animal lover. All that I read from previous happy clients was accurate and true as I later found out.. On chatting to her initially, Ros immediately left me feeling very positive and optimistic she could provide me with a tailored service to fit my needs for the cats.

She not only carried out a very detailed review of the cats daily activities so as to reduce any major changes, she provided me with a summary report prior to my departure. It accurately outlined what we had discussed at the registration meeting clarifying the services agreed. She not only upheld her side of the agreement to all she agreed, there were additional elements which surprised and delighted me.

The emails and texts I regularly received whilst away elayed my concerns they were in very safe hands, alongside the debrief report I happily read on my return home.

I wish you every success in the development of your growing business Ros, you are a credit to the area and it has been a pleasure to get to know you. I have already started finalising my next break, with you being as the first person to book in."

[ Carl - Gosport ]

"I have just come back from my holiday and had Ros to look after my cats Trav & Tiggy I have used her service 3 times now.

I cannot recommend her highly enough and I would hate for anyone else to look after them while I am away.

She is amazing with them and any needs your cat may need she is more than willing to do, I go away knowing my boys are in safe hands which is very comforting and unless it was some kind of emergency that Ros could not look after them I would hate them to go elsewhere. She clears up after the cats (as my two do create quite a bit of mess) with their litter tray she closes the blinds in certain rooms and curtains which is quite nice on the safety aspect. I once had to put the boys into a cattery 18months ago (never again) one of mine was so stressed when I brushed him I could have made a pillow with the amount of hair that came off him.

I would urge you to let Ros look after your cats she is so friendly and she will take care of them as if they were her own, how much nicer for the cats to be in their own home and not away from everything they know. I have booked Ros for my next two trips this year and would not consider anyone else. Thanks as always Ros for your time and commitment to both the boys."

[ Ian and Wendy Knight April 2014 ]

"I whole heartedly recommend Care4cats, to any cat owner! Ros was able to organise care for my 6 cats plus a friend's cat, at very short notice. I was impressed by her professional 'can do' approach. Whilst away she sent regular updates & photos to let me know all was well at home. Ros provides a brilliant service, one which I shall use again."

[ Paula - Gosport. 19.01.2014 ]

"Brilliant Service! Thank you so much for the peace of mind you supplied while we were away. It helps so much just knowing that are boys were being cared for as we would care for them. Ozzy & Bailey were very happy and content when we returned from our holiday, not stressed in anyway. So I would highly recommend Ros to anyone who is thinking of leaving their pets in their own home when they go away. I will be booking her services again very soon, thank you again."

[ Cheryl, Bailey & Ozzy Gosport - July 2013 ]

"Ros looked after my 5 cats while I was away for 10 days. I immediately took to her on meeting and it helped enormously that she had 3 of her own. My cats are all different ages and 3 adopted from different backgrounds with all very different personalities.

She had her work cut out as 1 particularly acted out of character while I was gone, but I didn't worry about them at all and when I came back there were photos of what they'd been up to while I was away.

I wouldn't hesitate to use Ros again. I knew she was the one for the job after reviewing several others and always coming back to her website. She also dealt with the post and other things. I would definitely recommend her!

Thanks again!"

[ Cathy, Muffy, Dink, Lilly, Petal and Obi (Fareham) - June 2013 ]

"We have just used Ros's cat home care service when we went away for 4 days. Ros visited Felix twice a day. He needed medication which Ros was happy to give him, as well as feed, groom and play with him. We come home to a very happy and content cat who had been very well looked after while we had been gone.

When you meet Ros you instantly see that she cares about animals and we were more than happy to leave felix in her care knowing that she would look after him and give him as much love and affection as we do. We would happily recommend Ros to anyone who wants to go away and have peace of mind that their animal will be taken care of to the highest standard.

Thanks again Ros, from us and felix for everything and we will definitely be using you again in the future!"

[ Stephanie Coakley from Gosport - 11 Feb 2013 ]

"Dear Ros and David, John and I own two very demanding manipulative cats who we have no doubt spoilt too much. Sam is a 20lb Bengal who is playful , devious, naughty , destructive and loveable and gentle natured all in one. Lily is a 5 lb Siamese who is nervous , timid , shy of strangers. So we needed someone very capable and special to look after our 2 cats.

Ros and David came to meet us all and we knew immediately the cats related to them and they would be well taken care of. When we returned from holiday Sam and Lily were chilled and seemed in concerned we'd been away . That is real testament to having been cared for well by Bark 2 school."

[ Jenny Keedy from Fareham ]

"I would just like to say how wonderful Ros looked after my cats and bird while I was on holiday. Upon meeting Ros I found her to be a very warm and caring person, she wrote down all the needs and care plan for my animals and confirmed it all in writing. Once you agree to use her services she confirms all details in writing, and I must say she had everything down exactly as I wanted. She will also open and close curtains for security while your away, and will email you with up-dates on how your pets are, she even attached a picture to our email which was a nice surprise and lovely to see, it was so nice to know our animals were being looked after in their own home and not in a cattery.

I cannot recommend Ros highly enough and would have no hesitation on recommending her to anyone else, a fantastic service all round. Thanks a lot."

[ Wendy (Tiggy, Trav and George) - Wen And Ian's from Gosport ]

"My cats have had the pleasure of being cared for by Ros and her team on several occasions now. Each time I come home to them, they are happy, content and well fed! The house is always left in an immaculate condition, with the cat bowls clean and litter tray emptied.

Nothing is too much trouble for Ros, even closing the curtains, and those extra touches are much appreciated. I feel confident leaving my boys in their care, knowing that they safe and happy in their own environment, and will definitely be using Bark2school again!!"

[ Mandy Anderson, Jasper and Charlie! October 2012 ]

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